Our ancestors played a pivotal role in making us who we are today.  Our history must be passed on from generation to generation.  It is with great pleasure that we pay tribute to those who have gone on before us.  Please view the past Pastors of St. Rest Baptist Church along with the various church locations and worship centers. 


The Late Pastor Robert Walton 


24 years of Service 

The Late Pastor Robert Walton  served as a Pastor, an Educator, a Community Leader, and a Newspaper Spiritual Column Writer.  Prior to being called to the ministry, he served as the Chairman of the Deaconboard at St. Rest Baptist Church.  In 1980, he was called to the ministry. In 1991, St. Rest Baptist Church called him as Pastor. His guidance from the Holy Spirit and exceptional leadership skills helped and encouraged St. Rest Baptist Church to move on to greater heights. Several of many major accomplishments included the initiation and the completion of “The Fellowship Hall” and the obtainment of the property on Garden Street for parking purposes.  As an educator, he crossed the paths of many students in the Caddo Parish School system. He served as an Assistant Principal at Herndon Middle School and North Caddo High School. He later served as a Principal at Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School.  As a community leader, he served on the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Committee. After having an intense and busy schedule, he always found time to write a weekly column entitled “Incentives for the Week” in the Shreveport Sun newspaper. From those weekly columns, he wrote a  book entitled “Incentives for Positive Living”Today, the Shreveport Sun continues to publish his weekly spiritual column. St. Rest Baptist Church and the Ark-La-Tex are truly blessed to have had a MAN OF GOD….A TRUE LEGEND come this way to share his presence, knowledge, instructions, and spiritual messages from his sermons, book, and column in the weekly newspaper.  What A Mighty God We Serve! 



The Late Pastor Henry Sherman Jr., Interim  


4 months of  Service 




The Late Pastor John P. Simmons   


39 years of Service 

  Church Location:  1664 Garden Street, Shreveport, LA


Worship Center:  Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist  Church on Madison Ave, Shreveport, LA 

Worship Center: YMCA on Texas Street, Shreveport, LA

Church Location:   1071 Short Line, Shreveport, LA 




The Late Pastor H. K. Griffin   


16 years of Service 

Church Location:  1071 Short Line



The Late Pastor E. M. Gray, Interim  


2 years of Service 

Church Location:   1071 Short Line



The Late Pastor A. H. Samuels   


48 years of Service 

Church Location:  Lake Street, Shreveport, LA

Members attended Union Mission Baptist Church on Williamson Street, Shreveport Louisiana.  Eight (8) members decided to leave and establish another sanctuary of worship.  These members included:  Reverend A. H. Samuels, Nathan Hurfine, Judge Parker, Broomic Pherson, George A. Poland, W. M. Reed, Easter Samuels, and Victoria Webster.  On April 15, 1885, they organized the St. Rest Baptist Church in a hall on Lake Street, Shreveport, LA.