The following information describes our many Ministries.  If you are not committed to a group, please select  a  Ministry that you would like to join.  Find your place.…..


Christian Education

Christian Education means that Christ is central to education.         

Goal:  To lead people to a vital, living relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture them in the doctrines set forth in the written Word. 

Christian Education Director – Sister Alberta Davis



  Sunday School

Goal:  To reach lost souls and those who have fallen away, that we may bring them into the will of God.

Time – Sundays from 9:45 am to 10:50 am

     Superintendent – Brother Reginald Williams      



Deacon Ministry 

Purpose:  To love the church, to be committed to the members, assist the pastor, and be devoted to the mission of the church. 

Chairman – Deacon Macura Hamilton




Trustee Ministry

Purpose:  Stewards whose duty is to care for the property of the church. 

Chairman – Deacon David VanDyke




Deaconess Ministry

Purpose:  Up-building and continuing work of God by serving the church members and community, spiritual and physical through guidance of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader  – Sister Shirley Walton




Usher Ministry

Purpose:  To serve as doorkeepers in the church;  to greet and seat worshipers; to  assist with offering, programs, and envelopes and to assist the pastor and the congregation in their needs during the worship service.

Ministry Leader – Brother Lloyd Anderson




Willing Workers  Ministry

Purpose:  To increase in knowledge and understanding of God’s word  and to manifest the love of Christ by doing  services for the church family and the community.               

Time—on the  2nd Sunday of each month following Morning Worship

Ministry Leader  – Sister Carrie King


Music Ministry 

Purpose: To minister through music for the glory of God.  Through this ministry, the choirs provide music for Praise and Worship.  Music that witnesses (evangelizes), encourages, exhorts, comforts,  rebukes and strengthens our faith in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

The Music Ministry presently consists of four (4) choirs who sing on the designated Sundays:  

Senior Choir  – 1st and 4th Sundays  
Voices of Inspiration  – 2nd Sundays
Youth and Voices of Inspiration  – 3rd Sundays
Male Chorus – 5th Sundays

Minister of Music – Brother Christopher Jackson     
Bass Guitar – Brother Edwin Barton     
Drums – Brother Kavarian Rogers

RehearsalWednesdays – 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm   

Ministry Leader – Sister Judith Brayboy 



 Young People’s Ministry

Purpose: To  establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values, and behavior in young people ages 5-19:  by using creative methods to help them enjoy the experience of learning about Jesus. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what a Great Honor it is to worship Him. 

Ministry Leader – Sister Cynthia Casson  



 Culinary Arts Ministry 

Purpose:  To provide nourishment for the physical body with love. 

Members: Sister Carrie King, Sister Helen Bradley, Sister Ola Gibson, and Bro. Brunson Bowman (not pictured). 

Ministry Leader  Sister Helen Bradley




 Women’s Ministry 

Purpose:  To help form a Sisterhood to bring women of all ages together. Helping each other grow and develop by applying God’s word to life’s situation.  

Ministry  Leader – Sister Shirley Walton



Purpose:  To enlist and encourage men and boys of the Church, through Bible study  and to promote the work of the church through love and personal service for Christ, one another and the world. 

Time—3rd Saturday of each month 9:00 am                                          



Purpose:  To provide a forum for Christian young adults to become better Stewards for Christ through prayer and study in order to serve Christ, one another and the world.  Ages 20 -35. 


Purpose:  To share the word of God and other relevant church information through media:  church website,  photography, videos, and social media.